In my free time, I always like to come up with new things and work on my personal projects. This is how I have worked in different branches such as sculpture, creation of board games, animations, and other upcoming projects.

Echoes from the Stars

Echoes from the Stars is a very nice game that we made at Lima Game Jam 2022. We finished this game in 48 hours and I was in charge of the art direction, 3d animation and narrative of the game.

Due to the very nature of the project and the time, the material developed is more to give us an idea of the path, mood and style that the game would take, and it is something that guided the visual aspect a lot from the beginning.

Stories of Undernest:
The sweet Quest

Stories of Undernest, is a personal project where I am developing a fantasy world based on warrior insects.

Basically the main story revolves around a little fly king, who must search for the sweetest honey of all to free his people from a curse.

At the same time, I am trying to create other stories based on other characters and take this project to be something transmedia. The first short-term project is a small comic, with the history of Fernit and concept art from this world.


“Excavatumbas” was the first game I worked on, produced, and released in 2018.

This is a fast game, very fun and that has met people’s expectations, and it is something that makes me very happy as a creator.



This character started on a short story called “The road to the mountain” that I wrote some years ago. This story is about a clan of bears that has to move to live to the mountain because all the monsters and dangers on the world.

This character is special to me, because there is a lot to tell about his world, and he is the first step for me to try to build a great story.

Actually im working on a short comic to complement a little more about this character.


A few months ago, I started creating videos for both YouTube and tutorials for Gumroad. In the case of YouTube, I like the idea of ​​being able to tell experiences or talk about issues related to digital art while I show the processes of my illustrations.

It is a very fun way to move around in social media, in addition, that producing each of these videos is something that I really enjoy, and much more when it reaches people and they shares their experiences.