Axolotl Adventurer

This was the first illustration pack I released on gumroad. In this pack you will find a narrated tutorial on how to make this illustration, in addition to the complete process that lasts an hour and a half and the PSD in layers. In addition to that, you will take a short PDF that shows you the 09 steps for a good illustration.

Demon Girl

In this pack you will find the complete process of the illustration of the demon girl, which is more than an hour and a half long, in addition, a short version of approximately 12 minutes in which I explain the steps I followed to make the illustration of the demon girl in addition to the layered psd. Along with that you will receive a short tutorial on how to illustrate a face, in addition to the PSD.

Reunion and Nature

In this package mainly aimed at creating an illustration that has both characters and settings. In addition to the video process, the narrated video, and the PSD file, you will also get 3 tutorials on how to create different elements for scenarios, such as rocks, bushes, and grass. With this illustration pack learn and improve your landscapes!


Photoshop brush set

This is the set of brushes that I use for my illustrations! I hope they serve you! 🙂